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January 14, 2014


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Lori ~ you & your family are in my thoughts in prayers. Something like this does take time & healing. What a wonderful community of family & friends you have! I wish you strength & faith for your journey and peace & love for your soul.


Thank you so very much, Adrienne. xo


Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful tribute to two lovely people. Prayers are lifted for you and your family.


Much love to you and your family, Lori. We've been there, too. Enjoy this precious time with your mother-in-law.


Oh wow , tough times . Thinking of you and your family thru this hard time. Keep shining and drawing .
As I'm sure they would be liking that !

Lori Berk


Oh, Lori...my heart breaks a little in reading of your past two months. You've been through a huge shock and an unexpected (and unwanted) life change. What will sustain you is the love of your husband and all the sweet memories of your in-laws. As time goes by, you will forget the raw moments of loss and will remember their love and funny moments from their time with you. Be strong...chin up, and know that you have friends who wish you well.

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos

Beautifully written. Love you, friend. xo

amy jupin

many prayers for you, friend.
grief and sorrow must be dealt with slowly, surrounded by the love of family and friends.
we will be here whenever you are ready.
don't worry one bit about us--although that is just like you to be thinking of everyone else while you are hurting.
may you feel the loving hand of the Lord during this tough time.

Andrea Hoover

Lori -

My family sends many hugs and prayers to yours. What a shock you've been through.


Julie Giljames

Lifting you up, Lori. A dear friend of mine also lost both of her parents within four months of each other. Her mother from ovarian cancer, and her father, in perfect health, from a massive heart attack, or as she calls it, his broken heart. I cannot understand this pain, only imagine it. Much love to you and yours as you all navigate this road of grief.


All my love Lori to your beautiful family. And if there is one enormous Blessing that Mark's parents have passed on to both of you and your children, it is a life of deep commitment and love. That will never leave you. They are an example to all of us of how to live life. I'm so sorry for the grief, loss and pain but I also know they will always be with you. My deepest sympathy.


Lori, I'm so very sorry to hear this. I knew about Joe from Instagram but I didn't know anything about Ruthann. What a love those two shared! I cried when I read that Joe thought it was his purpose in life to take care of Ruthann. That is so beautiful and heartwarming. Some people never experience that kind of love! Thank you for sharing this news and please consider Ruthann lifted. I'll keep her snugly in my thoughts. Hope you can stay strong! Hugs from Charlotte....

Linda Greer

I happened upon your blog by clicking on a Pinterest link. I just wanted to express my condolences for the loss of your father-in-law and the sad journey with your mother-in-law. My Dad also has Dementia and I became his caregiver 2 1/2 yrs ago when my Mom passed away. I sold my house and moved in with him to keep him at home. That's what Mom wanted. I know the heart-break, the tiny glimpses, the fear and the challenges and blessings. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The blog can wait, take care of your loved ones....always first.


Prayers for you and your family. GOD Bless.

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