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February 09, 2012


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Erin @ Vale Design

Go Lori! I am so proud of you! Taking the first step is ALWAYS the hardest. You will LOVE the mini! Bands and positive people everywhere. Big fun :) I know your determination and you can do it! Try some Giada cookbooks and Jaime Oliver. Healthy, but not bland or boring. Easy recipes. I have some you can borrow if you would like. Good luck L! I will be mentally cheering you on! Love ya!

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos

You go girl!! You're doing awesome! I have a treadmill, and you are welcome to use it any time. Although it might need some dusting first :) I can give you a key, and you can use any of our equipment whenever you want. Maybe you'll motivate me to use it, too!


I am SO proud of you, Lori! You CAN do it! I love folks who keep it real. I love you. :) Rooting for you all of the way, my friend! BIG hugs! :)

Jen B

Lori, I love your can-do attitude! Having someone to 'train' with is an awesome motivator as well as someone to be accountable too :-). I can totally identify with your struggles on the exercise/weight/food fronts. I'm totally going to check out the blogs you mentioned. I have a couple of Champion spandex sports bras from Costco that are pretty good--they really kind of smoosh you in, lol. I'll be cheering you on from here, virtual fist bump!


They're expensive, but both my friend (who was a D cup before having her baby) and I (C cup) love the underarmor bras. They are the only ones I've found that I can actually run in with out hurting. Addias has pretty good ones too, but I seem to bounce more in them (might be a sizing issue).


Oh, I also wanted to suggest www.sparkpeople.com. They have some fantastic resources for trying to lose weight.


I love your blog & your art! I also am battling the bulge & really appreciate your honesty. Keep up the great work!!


Hi! I just stumbled on your blog via Pinterest and was amazed to see that you're in Indy! Small world. I am also a (wanna-be) illustrator and a mama of 3 and am (hopefully!) running in the Mini and have been using the free track at the Monon to train. My neighbor and I get there at 5am 2-3 days a week and run about 2 miles or until her hip gives out. Her scheduled run is in april in FL, and mine is in May. The real challenge will be to find time to exercise when a big goal isn't looming ahead! Good luck with your training and keep on keepin' on! Thanks for the super cute valentines ideas. You have a big heart. :)

Karin R

I am with Sarah above. I have lost 25 pounds since September using Sparkpeople.com - love the site. It is free. Eased me into the "food revision" one step at a time and helped me figure out my triggers, so I know what to watch for. It also helped me work out my daily calorie usage and gives me a range to shoot for. Best part is that they have an app on my phone that will track my calories, so wherever I am, I can input portion sizes, etc., to stay within my calorie limit. I eat about 100 calories a day fewer than I use, so it's not fast weight loss, but it's something I can live with long-term, which is what I need.

For sports bras, I went to herroom.com. But where I am, I don't have a lot of sports-bra-shopping opportunities :-) Anyway, herroom.com had some great selections. I ended up ordering four or five and keeping my two favorites. You can search by bra size, then click on various bras to see whether they are high impact, low, etc. Worth a try anyway. It's worth the money to have a great bra when you're running.

Lori McDonough

thank you, all for your encouraging words and your suggestions and tips. I appreciate all of it so much! It is fuel for me when i feel like skipping a workout! YOu are the BEST!!!! xoxo

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