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January 24, 2010


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I LOVE this!!! I will be printing the "Joy Signs" for each of my kids teachers and for the break room at the school!

I find joy in writing. One of my goals for 2010 is to be better at finding and making the time to do this!! I have to be diligent in making this a priority, but I do! I schedule time each week and do everything I can to protect that time!

Aimée Wheaton

This is awesome!! Loved the video!! I find joy in helping others and promoting others. I find joy in my daughters laugh, I find joy in my art and creating. I am going to try really hard to have more time to help others this year as well as create new art. I hear my daughters laugh daily and I will find more time to make more laughs with her. Thank you for spreading the happy! I'm going to see if my hubby will bring this to his job, they sure need it there! Thanks for sharing!!


You and your blog bring me joy!!! Love the video too!!! It is funny that you posted this, I have really been trying harder in the past couple of weeks to find more Joy, and look at things with a more positive attitude. I will definitely print some copies of your sign and post them everywhere!

Catherine Just

oh I just LOVE this. thanks for posting it on Twitter.
I LOVE being with my son Max. And I feel so lucky to stay home with him and be an artist and teach photography workshops - all of which bring me JOY! I love laughing with my husband. I love being at home and having it be quiet and peaceful. I love ginger tea. I LOVE taking the Mondo Beyondo Class. Being outside on a sunny day. Connecting with a good friend. Listening to birds sing. taking things/life slow. Discovering new parts of town or traveling to new places. an iced soy decaf latte. Eating breakfast at a cute restaurant with my husband and son. Taking max to the swings at the park. Napping. Making things for my son. Learning new things or taking art classes or any classes where I learn something I'm interested in. Being grounded and knowing who I am - feeling confident. Expressing Love Outward. Expressing Love toward myself.
I could go on and ON!
I'm going to post your JOY Poster on my blog.

Meghan McD

Thank you for sharing the word Joy! It is one of my favorites. I plan on posting this wonderful print in my creative workspace. Right back at you with some joy your way!



Calli Johnson

Thanks for the awesome post! I am blessed to have a job that brings me joy, a great family that brings me joy and a room all to myself to craft in that brings me joy! I'll be linking your post on my blog for all to see! Great post!

Love & Cupcakes,

Missy Holmes

I LOVE THIS POST! Heck, I love you and all of your beautiful art and happiness! I love reading your new posts and seeing all of the happy little things that you make!:) So, one thing that brings me joy is you! Your optimism is inspiring!
I printed several copies of this off and gave them to the girls at work and also put one in the back room. I also have one in my planner and at home on the fridge...lol! Can you tell how much I love it? Heehee.
My joy is my husband, my beautiful kids and my crafts. And being able to incorporate all three is special! Also, we love the Colts, too:) Woohoo!


I just made a list of simple things that bring me joy:
It was inpired by a couple of other blogs I follow. I love how this theme keeps finding me (or I keep finding it).

My plan to make more time for it: Be spontaneous. If the idea hits me, I'm going to follow through. Not talk myself out of it with logistics :)

Happy Friday!!

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