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December 10, 2012


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Erin @ Vale Design

I always knew the McDonough clan was amazing and loving, but this takes it to a new level. The before and after with Abe's face sums it up. He is one lucky pup! Love and blessings to those McDonoughs! You guys really do God's work.


Love this story so much it brought me to tears! Congrats to you on your new family member :) He is adorable!

Sandra Monteiro Rodrigues

Boa tarde,

Que história magnifica, o meu coração encheu-se de amor e alegria, que Deus a abençoe e à sua familia.

Para o anjinho que adoptou desejo as maiores felicidades.

com os melhores cumprimentos,

Sandra Monteiro Rodrigues (From Portugal)

Beth in AZ

How is it so easy for them to weasel into our hearts? A couple yrs ago, our 'odd' dog (read: very abused and will always be kinda 'off') went missing during a thunderstorm. I went every 3 days to the pound (its a HIKE)), signs up all over, ads on the internet, you name it. I finally adopted a puppy the day before Thanksgiving. THREE days later, I got a call from a vets office. A stray had been brought in..it was Rookie! I had promised my husband FAITHFULLY, we would only have TWO dogs. Dontcha know, God has a sense of humor? Three dogs it is! (By the way, Rookie was gone FOUR MONTHS! Can you say MIRACLE??) Welcome Abe!

Renee M.

In the midst of all the ugliness going on lately, it is so wonderful to read your blog today. I love Abe's smile. Bless y'all for giving him a loving home! :)

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