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September 29, 2010


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Oh Lori! I wish I hadn't been forced to work saturday. I'd have come for sure AND I would have been your one purchase of the day!


I have been following your blog from Down Under for a while but been too busy to speak out. I had my fingers crossed for you this weekend... perserverance... it's a horrible reality isn't it? I have spent the last year or so behind the scenes of my sister's explorations of markets (she is a pastry chef) and it is only now that she is starting to see the light.. definately for the the long haul. I have been there on the days when it drags on and on.. but know that it will pass.. You Go Girl - You will get there, since your artwork is fab!

victoria gonzales

That's awful, I'm so sorry! People are dumb. But it makes sense that the other seller marketed the way she did to solidify sales for herself. It's hard to believe that nobody even looked at your stuff - it's great work! Don't let it get you down. Just like your drawing about Elvis, Einstein, Lucille Ball, etc.... people sometims just don't know a good thing when they see it. Their loss!

Lori McDonough

Chrisi - thank you, you are so sweet!
Mim - thank you for your words of encouragement! It means a lot!
Victoria - thanks, friend! You are so kind!



Well, I told you on flickr awhile back, that I fully expect to see you sometime in the future in giftshops worldwide :)
You are EXTREMELY talented, with tons of fans.
Easy to get discouraged, yes. But never doubt YOURSELF.
These clients were simply in the market for something else (furniture!).
Not a reflection on you, at all!
You? ROCK :)

Jen B

Lori, So sorry to hear about your disappointing day at the festival (I've been there myself). Your booth looked great and you & your artwork are so engaging and appealing, I'm sure good things & success are ahead for you!


Oh no. I can't believe it. Your display was so amazing! I was drooling over the fabulous screens decorated with your delightful prints. I sooo know how you feel. The show gig is not an easy one right now. I did my own little skunk of a show this week. Delightful fabulous people who invited me but sales...not so great. Many artists consider the shows a success just when they know they were exposed to the community and often see orders come in later. But I know it stings when you are expecting a little more in the sales dept. Your presence at Holiday Mart will be a huge success I know it!!!

jenny elkins

Hey Lori...just read your post this very minute. I know you have recovered some in your mind but, my the furniture person is right. Forge ahead!!! Good Luck with the Holiday Mart. jenny


you tell a great story. chin up!!!

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