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November 05, 2008


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OMG I have to go next year. Have to. xo, pink


I want to go too! I think you girls had way too much fun! Did you know that there's even a letterbox planted there?


Oh no, they have fabric at IKEA? Or were those table cloths? Oh dear, I must pilgrimage again. Haven't been in a few years. Oh, I'm with you...I so wish we had an IKEA here in Indy. Cincy now huh?

Lee Reyes-Fournier

I loved it. As an IKEA fan, I can now boast we have one over an hour from my home. My husband and I go there as if it were Mecca. You forgot to mention the swedish meatballs and some of the yummiest coffee in town.


What fun! Thanks for sharing your IKEA haul with us. We just went last weekend, the outdoor gear has arrived for summer! Where else can you buy FOUR outdoor benches for less than $200? We love IKEA!


Usually the thought of shopping for a whole day would make me want to scream, but you made it sound like so much fun. I love the use of pictures in your blog, I feel like I was there with you. Great story and blog. You really made a tale of shopping into a delightful blog post.

Deb Hartigan

Ikea is the best. You can find some of the the most unique stuff and the prices can't be beat. I really enjoyed your blog, it felt like I was right along side you. Thanks for the day trip.

Karen Koval

I loved the pictures that went along with your blog. Made me feel as if I was with you (I wish I was). If you need a fourth for next year you can count me in.

Milcah Syner

Fun Fun Fun. I enjoyed reading your blog. When I got to your page and saw how it was laid out, I thought to myself, this looks like a fun blog (as if your smile hadn't already given that away!). I like the way you incorporated the pictures and made me wish I was along for the experience.

Peggy Gorman

I have never been to IKEA, thanks for taking me there!Now I have to go to IKEA,it looks so fun.

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